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Originally Posted by baja View Post
So here are some multiple choice questions for you:

1. Which country has a higher crime rate per 1,000 residents? a. Mexico, b. Germany, c. Canada, d. U.S.
2. Which country has the highest murders with firearms?
a. Mexico, b. El Salvador, c. U.S.
3. Of the following countries, which has the least number of drug offenses?
a. Germany, b. United Kingdom, c. Canada, d. Switzerland, e. Mexico
4. Which country has the most prisoners?
a. United States, b. China, c. Russia, d. India, e. Mexico
(Answers: 1. d. U.S., 2. c. U.S., 3. e. Mexico, 4. a. U.S.- Source:
1) Mexican police is as dirty as the crimals, hence none are caught.
2) The Mexican don't fug with guys as they like to remove heads.
3) US has strict drug laws and enforcement, Mexico has none
4) See above
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