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Von Miller

Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
Right around the time Kahn posted this thread I went out and bought an old fashioned soap brush and starter shaving soap bar and put it in an old Bronco coffee mug I had collecting dust.

I got tired of applying cold foam that took forever to wash off my hands. Plus I wasn't getting very good shaves.

I stayed with the Mach 3 razor but just by lathering up with real hot water I found that I could raise the hairs so that I was getting much closer shaves. With the plus that I don't have to spend forever getting soap or foam off my hands.

I will never go back to cold shaves out of a can again.

Plus I save the small bits of hand soap that we used to throw out and put them in the mug and I have not had to buy any shaving soap/cream since.

Talk about saving the environment!
Same with your junk. Always warm it up first...

I always shave in the shower for this reason. I don't use shaving cream and I can usually get away with a month of mach 3, and then a painful month of mach 3.... I'm broke.
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