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Originally Posted by alkemical View Post
Going Underground

If you visit here often you've probably noticed it's been real quiet for a while.

I mean, it's not like there's nothing going on in the world that can't be commented on, it's just that I've stopped caring and have come to the conclusion that it's impossible to determine exactly what's really taking place since all media is propaganda in one form or another.

That's what the internet has become. That's what people have created. It's gotten old and dull to me.

Basically, the web is saturated in so much ****, and bombards you with so much unverifiable information, that I no longer care or take any interest.

The world is going to hell in a hand basket, and quite frankly, it's pointless highlighting the obvious when nothing I say or do here will change anything anyway. So my advice is to look after No.1, detach yourself from all of it, and go spend some time with the people you love and care about.

These days it's all Facebook and Twitter and everyone has something to say but little of it worth taking an interest in. In other words, it's all about ego and displaying how popular you are and who you're connected to.

I tire of people's self-centredness real quick!

If you want to network socially with people then have a barbeque, or go to the pub and interact with people in person. Maybe grow some vegetables, enjoy a nice meal together, or embark on a project with like-minded individuals. In other words, quit wasting your time online, that's what everyone is doing and it's unimaginative to be like everyone else.

If you're unhappy about the political environment, or pissed at the current financial meltdown, then take to the streets.

Join a protest group, throw a brick through a window, or take a dump on the floor of your local financial institution. Blogging about it will achieve nothing but taking action will send a clear message.

The era of the browser is over for me. The Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that we've all come to accept as "the internet" is dead. The future of the internet lies perhaps in the old protocols and most definitely in more modern ones such as BitTorrent.

Perhaps the rediscovery and use of protocols like Telnet or FTP is where Media Underground will go in the future, reopening long forgotten communication portals and doing so with the latest technology.

This site has never been about popularity, or advertising, or making money. Media Underground was setup primarily for the exchange of information and at its peak a few years ago, it achieved that and more. But times change and methods need to be readjusted.

It's time the underground went underground.

If you have any ideas about how we go about this then email me before I quit using IMAP, POP3 and SMTP as well (due to the constant influx of spam-saturated bull****).

Humanity ruins everything that becomes popular. Email and browser-based interactions are now highly inefficient, clogged up, and deeply uninspiring.

The modern internet is about selling you products, and I don't like products.

The modern internet is about selling you as a product, and I don't want to be prostituted.

The modern internet is about popularity, and I despise popularity.

So, let's move forward. If we're going to continue we need to distance ourselves from the methods that everyone else is using.

Let's become unpopular. Let's go underground.
It is becoming impossible to do anything online without linking yourself to something else. It's getting pretty disturbing as a trend.

Screw Facebook!
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