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Originally Posted by Arkie View Post
Teaocons crashed the party, so nobody showed up.


A former/current Bush/McCain-style neoconservative that has infiltrated the liberty movement that was founded by Ron Paul supporters in 2007.

A teocon is a confused or generally hypocritical individual that ostensibly demands less taxation and government but still demands that the military industrial complex intervene in world affairs at taxpayer expense.

That teaocon Sarah Palin thinks Obama should bomb Iran, doesn't she know that war IS a "big government" program?


Oh the irony .

No true teabagger.....

First the Liber's pointed to thier swelling numbers to show that their strange little ideology was going mainstream. 'see, look at our large crowd'.

...Now all all those hateful people to your right and left don't look so good now do they. And Palins all of a sudden last weeks stank.

But I'm above saying "I told you so"

...or maybe I'm not
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