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Originally Posted by Grumps View Post
Eh, things slowed down between books 8-10...I think it was mostly the wait between books made the books worse than they were. I am rereading the entire series and am interested to see if my opinion on books 8-10 has changed.

Either way, Sanderson has done an admirable job so far, I think. I really enjoyed the last two books. Really am looking forward to the conclusion, but am worried that a lot will be rushed in order to fit it in one book.

As to your questions...SPOILERS AHEAD.....

Graendal killed Asmo (definitive proof in the last book). Taim is dreadlord trained by/working for Moridin. I wondered what happened to Logain in the last book. I am beginning to think Taim might have captured him and it will take the Logain followers to break him free. One of the plots I am looking forward to seeing the resolution on. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the Seanchan and what plays out with the Aiel (given Aviendha's vision).

No way a movie would ever do the series justice. Perhaps a mini-series, but I doubt that ever happens either.
Meh, I've read all those before, but there aren't any definitive answers on either yet.

What "proof" do you have that Graendal did it? I clearly missed that! (Edit: WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF they put it in the ****ing glossary? I was expecting a book reveal considering it became such a HUGE issue for years for something RJ thought was "inherently obvious" in the story... FML, that's weak)

I was hoping Taim killed him
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