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Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post
Why nobody remembers this is disappointing to me.
I went to one of the first Tea Party rallies here in my area, and it was one of the most scripted events I've ever been too.

It was a "Clear Channel" event. It was organized by a clear channel radio station using local politicians and people associated with the programming of the same demographic, and different media. (The TV station is also clear channel owned that was there covering the event, as well as the news radio team that was there.)

The rally was advertised as a way to take back our government. Then, it was all about how much the democrat party is all about spending and how we need to support conservatism.

It was disappointing to see the Tea Party reference co-opted and hijacked for a one sided political rally. Then when the meeting broke, people went to go put tea bags in the river.
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