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Originally Posted by lostknight View Post
Dreamworks has the rights. It's only a matter of time before you will get to see the girls fold their arms beneath their breasts.

I want a Mistborn TV series.
Originally Posted by Antilles View Post
Not to mention straightening their skirts, tugging their braids and complaining about how character x will never understand the actions of gender y.

Sigh. WOT sucks ass. So much so, that I've read all 13 books.
Originally Posted by scorpio View Post
Wheel of Time is a good story for the first 5 books or so but Robert Jordan has (had, sorry) some pretty annoying writing habits, which is what lostknight and antilles are referring too.
Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
You mean like how he introduces a character for ten minutes and then expects you know and care about him two books later? Or how he takes four pages to explain a table?

All valid points, but the first 6 (Maybe not the first one. The Great Hunt is where I got hooked) and the last few are amazing. Dumai's Wells is probably one of the most bad ass sections of literary history.

Like I said earlier, it hit a lull for a while after that, but I REALLY think it was his Tor editor wife dragging out the cash cow.

Besides, once Saidin got cleansed (another amazing scene) it was full speed ahead again. I still don't know how they're going to cover the remaining plot lines with 1 more book... Tarmon Gaidon is going to ****ing sweet at least.

Half the Forsaken are still alive, who killed Asmo? Who is Taim? Is Logain going to kill him and take the black tower? Will the Seanchan leash Rand for the last battle? etc

Oh and the rights have been bought and sold a dozen times over. No one can figure out how to make such an intricate and massive story. TV would work, but it'd take like 10 seasons and a monster budget to do it right.
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