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Cutt let me put it this way. For those who have gold real estate is getting cheaper by the day. (Generally speaking). That is just one example of how gold is in fact a currency.

I tossed out an offer to buy some land in Dec. It was an offer of cash and gold. He was willing to accept the gold as payment at that days spot price. We differed on the overall price and did not come to terms. As gold continues to rise and his land value continues to fall I may just end up with the parcel of land at my original price in terms of dollars.

My positions in gold are long but converting to land/water is a way to capture some profits. As you've said you can't eat gold but gold is food, water, cash in any currency in the world or whatever you want.

Hey Garcia. Gold is up around $500 an oz since you declared it a bad investment.

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