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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
For now, it's difficult to tell the difference. Why does Paul run as a Repub instead of a Libertarian?
From listening to paul, I'd say the reason he runs as a rep is because the libertarian party has constantly been a joke. Another reason would probably be he gets A LOT more exposure as a rep. In oklahoma, where I lived the last voting session, if you wanted to vote for pres it was either obama or mccain. There was literally no other choice. This two party system we have makes it incredibly difficult for any third party to form and be taken seriously, and imho they planned it that way. Less competition and they barely have to be different to have a divided populace.

I'm glad Paul ran rep and hopefully will again. I never would have heard of him or been exposed to his ideas. Had he ran libertarian or constitutionalist nobody would be talking about him today. I know very few people who can name on spot either of the candidates from those parties, or even the green party.
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