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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
I'm speaking mostly of the fact that they they've changed (and avoided discussion of) the ages of the young characters involved in the most adult themes.
True enough. The Sansa stuff that happens later is going to be squicky enough without it. In general I think it makes sense to leave them a couple of years older, if nothing else because younger actors would be very problematic at delivering certain scenes.

It'd be a hard thing to change the Jaime/Cersei incest as it plays such an important role in the plot.

Ahh, you're right. It's been about a decade since I read the first book. Though IIRC she was outwardly supporting it but inwardly against it?
I re-read it last night, and while I would say that in what she says she's a bit conflicted, she flat out tells Ned that he has to take the job. She gets a bit more wonked about it once Ned decides that she has to stay.

I agree with the Theon stuff. They seem to have shifted some of the antagonism between him and Jon to Rob, which I think is a mistake. Especially if Jon is who we think he is.
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