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Originally Posted by BABronco View Post

Prime example of the difference between tea parties. Sarah Palin a leader of the teaocons states the tea party would not exist without President Obama.

As I stated earlier in the thread, the original tea party started 2007. It was in response to the tarp bailout.

Just read several posts in the thread. Everyone is railing on Palin and the teaocons stating they weren't there during bush years. One person even states the tea party (implied teaocons) would not exist if it weren't for Obama simply cause the reps do not care what happens while they have one of their own in office... Kinda like all those anti war dems that seem to have disappeared now that they got one of their own in office.

There is a difference in the tea parties. All you have to do is open your eyes to see it. There isn't much of a difference between, if any, between a majority of reps and dems. Its okay though. Keep your eyes closed and vote for your team.
For now, it's difficult to tell the difference. Why does Paul run as a Repub instead of a Libertarian?
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