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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
here is how I view Deregulation ..for example Texas is raising Speedlimits to 80 to 85 mph , in a way deregulating speed , the law says I can go 80 so I go 80 , I see a car passing a mini van full of family on a road trip , the car passing is only doing 70 , Although I see em I cant slow down in time , I smash the car passing .........end result , I was driving my truck at a speed where I couldnt control it no matter what happens have to keep your truck at speed where you can control it , same way with any other business ........
The banksters promised they would do this when deregulation was being pushed on the American public... "sure, sure, we have ethics, we will police ourselves, just relax the rules on us!"

Look where that got us. Scum like Goldman Sachs and the rest have no ethics and can't be trusted with anything.
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