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Originally Posted by mosca View Post
I do remember you supporting Hillary until Obama got the nomination. Who knows if she would have done anything differently. I suspect she would be just as pro-war as Obama. When it comes to the bailouts, if she was anything like Bill, she woulda been on board with that as well.

I hope you remember Bill Clinton, along with Larry Summers and Robert Rubin were the ones who, along with the Republicans, allowed the financial services industry to be de-regulated in the 90s. Not to mention pushing NAFTA through. Pay a price my ass - Bill Clinton sold out the U.S. public the same way that Obama did when he refused to prosecute any of the criminals behind the recent financial collapse.
no doubt Hillary would be pro war , the Bail outs of course , but she like her husband , would have tackled the energy ....... and No Bill didnt sell us out , NAFTA wasnt the best idea , but it didnt sell us out , Canada been playin fast and loose with the Beef ban soft lumber issue and Mexico's corruption here as of late ......and Deregulation been going on since Carter .......
here is how I view Deregulation ..for example Texas is raising Speedlimits to 80 to 85 mph , in a way deregulating speed , the law says I can go 80 so I go 80 , I see a car passing a mini van full of family on a road trip , the car passing is only doing 70 , Although I see em I cant slow down in time , I smash the car passing .........end result , I was driving my truck at a speed where I couldnt control it no matter what happens have to keep your truck at speed where you can control it , same way with any other business ........
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