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Originally Posted by Spider View Post
so that was different Ron Paul kissing Steele's ass @ the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.......
You got that the wrong way around there Spider, Steele was kissing Ron Paul's ass and there was a pic taken with Steele holding up Pauls book.

This was after Steele said this about the Afghanistan war:

Site libs love

"This was a war of Obama's choosing," Michael Steele said at the event. "This is not something the United States has actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in."

Steele also accused Obama of "demonizing Iraq while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan."

"Well, if he's such a student of history, has he not understood that, you know, that's the one thing you don't do is engage in a land war in Afghanistan, alright, because everyone who's tried over a thousand years of history has failed," Steele continued.
Steele was then ambushed by Neo-Libs/Cons

Ron Paul followed up with:

"Michael Steele should not resign. Smart policies make smart politics. He is guiding the party in the right direction and we are on the verge of victory this fall. Chairman Steele should not back off. He is giving the country, especially young people, hope as he speaks truth about this war."
Michael Steele didn't support the Afghanistan war (if he truly did or not, who knows) and Ron Paul stood beside him publicly as the Anti-War Libertarian he is.

Originally Posted by Spider View Post
or a different ron paul on TV talking about how Obamacare will benefit his republican party....
You hard into Meth?

Originally Posted by Spider View Post
Ron Paul just found angle to make him different by attacking the fed reserve , same ole Move Tancredo did with immigration . and you are eating it up , but dont come cryin to me when the dream crashes
Yeah, Ron Paul attacking the Fed=Tancredo attacking immigration.

Do you truly believe that, or you just trying to get a rise out of me? Because if it's the former, you should stop posting in this forum, your statement is dripping with stupidity.

You're either one of the most un-informed human beings i've ever encountered on the net, or you're LABF posting on two accounts.
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