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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Has anyone read the books? I saw the teaser clip for the new HBO mini-series and haven't read a book in many months and wanted to get back to reading.

The link is here

I've heard it's one of the most well-written fantasy series out there. I like Sean Bean too, even if he's looking chubby in this.

I've read 'em. If you are at all a fantasy fan, they are a must read. It is a little frustrating that he kinda stalled out for a while, but the next book is due in July, so that is the good news. The storyline and world he has created are very well fleshed out and detailed, and the character arcs intersect in clever and surprising ways.

The style of the books is interesting as well. Each chapter follows one character, so sometimes you get really into what's going on with one character, but you don't get back to their story for several chapters. Other times, you get to see the same event from several different perspectives, gaining a more complete picture. It is a pretty complex series, and remembering all of the characters can be challenging at times. Overall, they are engrossing books, and I'm excited to see what they do with the series.
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