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Originally Posted by bap454 View Post
Cant agree more!!! We cant affordor a player that "fills a hole", is a "solid contributer", or solidifies a position. We need someone at #2 that is SPECIAL! Anything less than special at #2 is a dissapointment at the least. Marcel to me is a player that will be solid borderline all pro. IMO Peterson/ Von Miller have the higher ceiling and potential to be all world. Dont get me wrong, Im a big fan of Dareus, who I think is solid....but do we roll the dice for something special instead, IDK.
Totally disagree. I think Dareus is the the best overall football player in the draft, All things considered. He is the player in the draft that makes your test better than any other player in the draft-- in the short-term, medium-term, and long-term.

I think it is in the Denver Bronco's long-term best interest to take Dareus above any other player in the whole draft.

Peterson, I think is a bust at the CB position, definitely for a top-5 pick.
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