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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
that was misworded in what i actually meant. what i was trying to get across was, right now we are in a position to very well get the very best DT in this draft, or the very best LB, the best CB. why spend the pick on a guy like Peterson when Corner is the one position on the field that can be completely avoided, and then hope there is quality front 7 guys still on the board? we have the pick we need to get the best in the front 7

he could be a Champ clone and lock down the opposite side of the field that Champ doesn't and it won't make one bit of difference, if our front 7 remains so terrible that opposing QBs have all day to decide what to do with the ball.

Peterson very well may turn into a beast at the position but right now, that would be a terrible way to use the number 2 pick. anyone who is picked at 2 needs to make an instant impact. CB can be completely ignored, but front 7 always is a concern.

Miller or Dareus has to be the pick

I want the player that actually is the best player in this draft with #2 pick. Whether it's biggest need or not.

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