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Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN View Post
I've been lusting after this piece lately:

Street price is only ~$800.00-900.00

Dig the P-90s!
A gold top Deluxe for $900? That doesn't sound right. It is a Gibson, not a sneaky Epiphone. Don't tempt me ....

Do those P-90s give you the snap of a classic single coil? I never told you this because you're such an unrelenting purist, but right around the time my LP was stolen, I was set to make a big modification. Pull the neck humbucker, and lay in a coil-tap/coil-split pickup. A Duncan I think, and a snap-up volume pot for that pickup. You know I love the neck pickup on a Strat ... clean with just a dash of reverb.
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