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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=phillybroncosnut link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=30#36 date=03/03/02 at 21:50:14] Blue

I am still sick. I get really bad Bronchitis ad am fearing that I am developing the "P" word. I am goona go to the doc's tomorrow so he can take care of my lungs.
1 good thing has come from it though, I smoked my last cigarette. [/quote]

Wow.... I'm sorry to hear that you're still so sick. How are "Mrs. Philly" and Nicky doing? Hopefully they won't catch it too.... (flu's usually pretty contagious).

Good luck with quitting smoking... it's a tough thing to do, but well worth it health-wise.  
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