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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Its a bubble and its going to burst. Plus at its current price, lesser incomes can't get in and thats why its a bad investment. And if all that you think is true about the world then gold qill be as useless as boobies on a boar. You can't eat gold and you can't drink it.
Investment analysts rarely consider poor people when it comes to investments. If you look at the division between rich and poor you will see a widening gap not one that is shrinking. Because their are gates is why a gated community can charge more. Because there is HOA if you can't pay you can't play.

The problem with gold is it is illegal to pay for things with gold. If that changes, as a competing currency, you are in error.

Poor folks are investing in lead. You know...weapons, bullets, and survival gear... because lead can sometimes trump gold. I believe in diversification.
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