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Originally Posted by baja View Post
I think the USA will go to war before it allows any shift from the policy Kissinger orchestrated requiring oil be bought for in dollars only because it would crash the dollar and crash the economy.

As for gold & silver I never thought of them as an investment but rather a place to safety store assets durning uncertain times.

I would not hold dollars today and I would be leery of the market unless you really know what you are doing. I believe it is manipulated to rise and fall with those in the know buying and selling on Que..
Oddly enough I think we already did go to war over just that. WMD were in Iraq (according to locals) but were moved to Syria. Saddam was in Syria and then came back to hometown where ultimately he was caught. How we wandered in and out of our checkpoints without detection is funny.

Saudi is Sunni and 80% of Islamic world is Sunni. The Iranian revolution (Shi'a) sparked a change in the region that was not expected. We are positioned in Iraq (W of Iran) and Afghanistan (E of Iran). In Iraq the issue is Iranians but in Afghanistan the issue is Pakistan.

Borders are not as rigid as you would imagine and a lot of the old frustrations in this region are not going away in our lifetimes. Disturbances in Iran and Saudi Arabia? This region is not settling down for 20 years.
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