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Originally Posted by Williams View Post
Do you think it might? Do you think gold and silver are still wise investments?

I was thinking about getting into gold around '06 and ended up putting it off and eventually thought the ship sailed and I missed my shot. What a mistake. My interest has picked up again in the past few weeks and I might finally jump in (gold and/or silver). I've read many good things about silver... but it's volatility might scare me off.

I think the USA will go to war before it allows any shift from the policy Kissinger orchestrated requiring oil be bought for in dollars only because it would crash the dollar and crash the economy.

As for gold & silver I never thought of them as an investment but rather a place to safety store assets durning uncertain times.

I would not hold dollars today and I would be leery of the market unless you really know what you are doing. I believe it is manipulated to rise and fall with those in the know buying and selling on Que..
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