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Danny Trevathan

If there was another Al Wilson in this draft and we weren't sold on the DT options then I would be all for taking him at #2. However there isn't. The linebackers people are talking about as going that high - like Von Miller - have all primarily distinguished themselves as pass rushers. Now I don't think its a stupid question to ask if Von Miller can play MLB, but I don't think you draft in the top ten, or even the first round, with the plan to move that player to an unfamiliar position straight away.

4-3 DE to 3-4 OLB is OK, its still an edge rusher (although pass coverage rears its head as an issue here). But generally speaking when you are picking top-10 you generally want a guy who has excelled for four years doing in college exactly what you want him to do n the pros. You only move him somewhere else if he doesn't work out at that. Drafting guys as projects from day one comes later on in the draft.

Now if someone like Von Miller slips out ofthe we're talking....however I still think these speed rushers will project better to OLB ina 4-3. Speed and athleticism really helps, but the main thing a top-notch MLB needs is the spidey-sense to sniff out the play and get yourself inthe right place at the right time. That was what made Wilson so great. Mecklenburg moved from pass-rushing DE/OLB to one of the inside spots in our 3-4 late in his career, but he was always a very smart guy and one of the most versatile defensive players we've ever had. Guys that have been knocking QBs over for a few years in college, valuable as that is, have not yet proved they can consistently stop runs on 4th and one.....
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