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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by AK Broncomaniac View Post
Glad your puppies are doing well.

I actually had to call 911 on Monday because a huge moose was trapped in my yard. He got over the fence but he couldn't get back out. Of course, my dogs went beserk, paniced the moose and she started charging them. I finally got the dogs back in before they got stomped by the now crazy moose. Anyway, moosed kicked a section of fence down to escape and the dogs are okay... What a truly awful day Monday turned out to be!
We had a cow moose... with a calf... grazing maybe 50 feet from our house a few years back when the kids were smaller. I wouldn't let them go outside to play as long as she was there... momma moose can be very, very protective (read: dangerous).

We had an interesting "wildlife watching" experience last week... a pair of bald eagles were divebombing this poor little duck on the river. The duck saw 'em and dived under the water but they were waiting for it to re-surface. The second time the duck submerged, he swam about 200 yards upstream from the eagles, who were still waiting where he went underwater... and took flight, escaping pretty much unscathed.
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