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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Well he is still a LB even though he lines up to rush often. You get heavier then 275 and your ability to cover the flats goes way down. 265-275 I think is the ideal weight for OLB in a 3-4. Heavy enough to not wear down when going against OL all day and still light enough to cover some shallow routes and flats.
I think we will look for some bigger DT and DE. Maybe guys that can sort of slide around depending on down and distance. Then we will pair what we have with them in a big rotation.

They may try to let doom rest some on early downs then turn him loose. He may not play every down, but still play a ton.

It might not be Doom on one side Ayers on the other. Hopefully they will both find a role and do well at it. But who knows it could come from the same position rather then opposite sides.

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