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Originally Posted by bronco0608 View Post
Von Miller has 28 sacks over the past two seasons. Why in the world would he be moved to inside lb? Because he has the size for it? That's stupid.

Von Miller is being mentioned as a top five pick because he can get the QB down, not because he has the instincts to play MLB. Why would you move him? Once again, that's stupid.

There are so many reasons why Von Miller at MLB is an idiotic idea.

1) MLB don't get drafted high

2) OLB who rack up 28 sacks in two seasons are not drafted in the top ten to be moved to a position where he main responsiblity is to tackle, not get after the qb

3) Nothing about Von Miller and his whole career even warrants a mention of being moved to MLB. He is not a tackle machine. Can he even read a defense?

Please, don't be so stupid. You wanna move Gabbert to SS, right? He's got the size for it? Hell, Gabbert would be an ideal MLB!
What's really stupid is your odd response to the question.
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