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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by bronco0608 View Post
Von Miller will never, ever, ever, ever play MLB in the NFL. And if he does, its because he is a bust.

Von Miller at MLB? Huh?

How about Blaine Gilbert at SS? Or Cam Newton at DE? Or JJ Watts at OT?

Why even start a thread about this?
Get over yourself, I can start any thread I want to, did this hurt your feelings or something?...there's nothing crazy about a linebacker switching to play another linebacking position, it happens all the time, and in fact it's happening on this team with DJ Williams every year. That equates to Cam Newton at DE for you or Blaine Gilbert at SS? Are you nuts? The guy has the size/speed and apparently instincts...I don't care if he plays it or not I simply posed the question since the guy's put on 16 pounds in a month. I haven't watched him enough at A&M to decide how his game was just a point to discuss since people have repeatedly made the point about Wilson being missed.
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