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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
He's traveling to his pro day so I assume he has some interest. Then again maybe he's a Shanny type that likes to throw out **** about his intentions, who knows?
truthfully, with the number 2 pick, i don't really think you can pull off the shanny smokescreen.

given the sheer amount of guaranteed money(potentially) the number 2 pick will garner and the fact that that pick is being envisioned as a cornerstone of the franchise for the next decade , you have to be as sure as is humanly possible on the guy you are targeting. with that in mind, if there is any interest at all in a guy, the holy triumvirate will meet him and speak to him at least once.

also with so few players at the top of the draft that are worthy of the #2 pick, the smokescreen wouldn't work as everyone in the league or following closely knows there is an extremely select and small group of potential targets that Denver could realistically be going for. it isn't like the middle of the 1st round where there are numerous options and a pick from out of nowhere that was unexpected can be made. the top 5 picks tend to be decided on and the only thing remaining is which one goes where.
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