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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
Do you have another term for that part of the draft?

Also, Ayers isn't playing SAM. I haven't seen any indication that he will be anywhere but DE.
Ayers is pretty light at 275 to play DE on the strong side. Maybe he can bulk up.

My other term for "very top of the draft" is "#1 pick overall". I consider the 7th pick not the very top of the draft.

In any case, why is it a problem to ask if a guy can play another position? If he can't...he doesn't...seems simple enough since he can always play the same spot he had...but people are asking if Dareus can play inside since he played the DE in a 3-4 spot...same with Bowers. Some people even want to know if Peterson can play safety. What if they CAN play inside and he's a stud? I'm just asking if he CAN, not saying he HAS TO.
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