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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
No, it's pretty much the same story. You'd be drafting a guy at the very top of the first round and putting him at a position which he's never played and would be unable to utilize his greatest strengths. It makes no sense to me at all.

I think you are way, way, way too wrapped up in size/speed ratios.
Why do you make the determination that if he doesn't work at MLB he'd be a bust? I merely asked if people think he's capable of playing there. Say he isn' what? He goes back to the OLB spot problem. Second, I'm not talking about the top of the draft, but somewhere around 5-7 if we traded down. Who else at #7 for example, is going to be there if we do trade down? Fairley, Dareus and Bowers are probably long gone. Miller is the fastest riser in the draft...I frankly do NOT want him. I'm merely ASKING (NOT SUGGESTING) if people think he can play there. Why? Because as someone pointed out, DJ can play the Will and right now at least it looks like Ayers is penciled in at the Sam. That leaves our gaping hole at MLB and here's a kid people say is one of the best athletes in the draft, he's fast and he's nearly 250 pounds now. What's so odd about asking if he can play that spot even if he's not done so yet? I'm sure if they wind up taking him they find the right spot for him, I'm just curious if people who have seen him play think he can play inside or not. The same question is being asked about Dareus, Bowers and even Peterson...can they play another position as well?

BTW...I'm wrapped up in size and speed ratios because we are;

1) small
2) slow

Makes perfect sense to me.

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