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Joe Mays

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Von Miller probably only a target if we get a trade offer and move down to say around the 7th pick. I guess there could be a run on QBS and Broncos make moves down?
I just don't see it though. No team will want to part with enough picks.

Truthfully even a 5 spot drop in first round takes more then a 2nd round pick. It would have to be like the first pick in 2nd round etc or have a 4th round pick added in.[/QUOTE]
Cam Newton is the key. Somebody may fall in love with this guy enough to move up above Buffalo to get him. If so, a move down a few spots (not past 5 or 6 though) might get them another 2nd and who knows what else if there's some competition. I'm just considering all their options.
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