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Man this is good stuff! I sometimes forget how epically bad Steve Ramsey was, you never see any Broncos clips older than the 77' season. The only way to keep from repeating Steve Ramsey is to remember Steve Ramsey! That guy was always throwing half cocked or off his back foot. The ball would just hang in the air. Still, Denver in the early 70's had the makings of a decent team and would have been in the playoffs a couple of times under todays expanded format.

Craig Morton played awful in the SB, but I still blame Red Miller. He got Morton busted up late in the year in a meaningless game against Dallas, a game Morton wanted no part of playing in and it had a carry over to the SB. Cant hate on the guy, he was in a hospital bed leading up the the AFCC and had to have Red Miller tie his shoes for crying out loud! Gutsy performance and nobody knew at the time just how hobbled he was. Well, I do remember him getting hit once and the announcer saying, that just might finish Morton for the day or something, so the announcers at least knew he was pretty beat up by that point.

Too bad we didnt play anybody else that year for the title. Always wished we had played Minnesota instead.
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