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Originally Posted by Br0nc0Buster View Post
thats quite the exaggeration
They are similar players, but Long was a bit more polished
Watt weights about 15 lb more though
Neither of them are elite pass rushers

As far as being a 3-4 DE, Watt is pretty much just as good
Mayock generally knows what he is talking about
You do realize that in a 3-4 Long is more an OLB than a DE, right?

He's only strictly a DE in a 4-3 front, and it goes directly against his strengths. Guy should be in a 3-4. Here in St. Louis the beat writers frequently reference how Long was only selected because Shaw and/or Zygmunt (guys running the team then) were tied to his agent and knew they were on the way out of town at the end of the year.

He was a horrible selection at #2 for a 4-3 team. The Rams should have taken Matt Ryan and Long would have fallen to #6 and been taken by the Jets over Vernon Gholston.
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