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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Carmelo15 View Post
Fairley is not elite to me. He is too one dimensional. He is probably the best pass rushing DT in this class but he doesn't impress me against the run at all. I have him as the 3rd best DT overall in this class. To me, Corey Liuget is a much more complete player. Throw in the character risks and I don't take Fairley in the top 10, especially for the Denver Broncos.
Elvis is already a liability against the run, so to me that means our other three guys on the line need to be more complete players. Ayers is better against the run than the pass. I really like Dareus playing next to him. My favorite guy paired next to Doom is Phil Taylor. A straight mauler who can really help Doom concentrate on doing what he does best.
A more realistic scenario I like the Broncos doing is taking Dareus at 2 and moving up from 36 to 28 to grab Phil Taylor.
Most of the scouting reports I've read on Fairley state that he is excellent against the run, can shed linemen at will and tackles behind the LOS regularly, pursues very well, and destroys the pocket, ergo the running play. In other words, dominant. The film I've watched on him supports that take. I place him as number one defensive player in this draft, with Bowers a close second. Of course, Bowers plays in the ACC, so there's that consideration. Fairley has faced tougher competition. Still, they are 1,2.
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