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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
For starters Bowers, Fairley, Kerrigan, Quinn, and Smith have all recorded more sacks in a single year than Watt has over his entire career. All in conferences with far a far better level of competition. And what evidence have you offered to support your take that Watt deserves to even be considered before #15 or so?

You say you like his "Production", of which there is hardly any. He's notched 11 sacks in his entire career, and never had a game with more than 2 sacks.

He had one good game against a hugely overrated Ohio State team. Watt is a carbon copy of Adam Carriker who has been a total bust in the NFL.

Yeah, you're much more like the zebra who doesn't follow the herd, and is an easy dinner target.
You do realize that Bowers plays in the ACC, which is far inferior to the Big 10. Also, Purdue (Kerrigan) and Wisconsin (Watt) are both in the Big Ten. You......FAIL
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