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Originally Posted by bendog View Post
I don't know that Fairley can fit into a two gap system, and his size is a bit suspect. Not saying he isn't gonna be good, and he sort of reminds me of a young T.Pryce type guy. Bowers weighs in, I think, around 265. He's no Jarvis Moss, and again I like the guy overall, but I'm not sure what Fox is looking for over there. My guess is Bowers projects as an asskicking DT lining up across from a LT. But can he man up against guys with Porkchop Womack type strength to stuff the run? I'm not sure.

I sorta have a similar question with Miller. Here's a guy who weighs between 235 and 240 runs a 4.6something 40 and goes after the ball like a heat seaking missle. But can he play over a runblocking TE? Or, is he better off as a Will? And whoever Den has as a Will, plays behind Doom, and Doom's run defense is questionable.

So, it's not a diss against these guys from my perspective, but it's more of a do they fit a scheme Fox wants.
Didnt miller weigh in at 246 and run a low 4.5?
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