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Q Smith

Originally Posted by bronco View Post
You still haven't offered any reasons as to why all those guys are better than Watt, and I don't think you can other than "Most sites have those guys ahead of Watt". To which I would reply, "Those sites are full of it".
For starters Bowers, Fairley, Kerrigan, Quinn, and Smith have all recorded more sacks in a single year than Watt has over his entire career. All in conferences with far a far better level of competition. And what evidence have you offered to support your take that Watt deserves to even be considered before #15 or so?

You say you like his "Production", of which there is hardly any. He's notched 11 sacks in his entire career, and never had a game with more than 2 sacks.

He had one good game against a hugely overrated Ohio State team. Watt is a carbon copy of Adam Carriker who has been a total bust in the NFL.

I don't really care if anybody agrees with me or not. I'm not a sheep.
Yeah, you're much more like the zebra who doesn't follow the herd, and is an easy dinner target.
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