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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
He excelled by his speed in the college.
He hardly had to cover people at A&M, so having him be an OLB could be a transition.

Heck, look at Aaron Curry. How awesome has he been for the Seahawks? AJ Hawk? I see Miller, not being a bust, but nowhere near the player some of you think he will be. You guys think he'll have 14 sacks seasons and cause all these disruptive plays, but he will never see those numbers IMO.

And what leadership skills are you talking of?

For being the #2 pick, I'd be pissed because to me in Denver he'll be DJ Williams 2.0 here IMO.
He had 17 sacks two seasons ago/11 last season. Thats production. He has the speed to go sideline to sideline and, while OLB may be an adjustment in the pros, they said he picked it up fairly well at the senior bowl (where he was probably the best player.) Im obviously not in the huddle with him, but many claim his leadership of the D was apparent. He's got great size, great speed, great agility and great production.

I dont see why he's overrated and i dunno why you compare him to AJ hawk...they are two diff players.
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