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and so what if the combine made me like him even more? It showed his elite athleticism, which hints at his elite potential. I liked him a lot before the drills, maybe not at #2 (though I wouldn't have complained), but after that he showed he has it all and is worthy of the #2 pick. Nobody was talking about Chris Johnson in the 1st round, or Mario Williams at #1 overall, before they tore it up at the combine either. Should they have been ridiculed too?
I wasn't ridiculing you. There is a lot to like about Watt, and maybe if we were still running a 3-4 I would be more open to the thought of considering him at #2. As it is, I am leery of over-drafting guys based on their combine workouts. That's all.

I hope we don't out-think ourselves, just take Dareus where we're at unless somebody starts throwing picks at us to trade up, and be done with it.
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