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Originally Posted by Dedhed View Post
That's more like it. JJ Watt does not belong in the top 10 discussion at all.
Wow, that was clever. You edit my post as a jab at me, because I don't share your man love for Peterson. How about coming up with a cogent argument that Watt is not worth at top 10 pick? Or is that too much for your PP-obsessed brain to handle?

and so what if the combine made me like him even more? It showed his elite athleticism, which hints at his elite potential. I liked him a lot before the drills, maybe not at #2 (though I wouldn't have complained), but after that he showed he has it all and is worthy of the #2 pick. Nobody was talking about Chris Johnson in the 1st round, or Mario Williams at #1 overall, before they tore it up at the combine either. Should they have been ridiculed too?
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