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David Bowens

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I always love these threads where a specific draft prospect is what the Broncos need, and only that prospect is good and if we don't draft this specific prospect then the whole draft sucks.
It's really difficult to judge because I don't think anyone really knows how Fox wants to play his dline, and there's the move of Doom back to a down position where he isn't a strong run defender. Does Fox want two gapers in the middle, sort of like Den had with Rhodes? So, I'm like you in being skeptical about calling one guy "the guy."

Although, I think it's pretty clear that on defense Peterson, Miller and Dareus are close to locks on not being busts. I think the odds on Bowers and Quinn is that both guys will be at least decent players in the right schemes, though Quinn looks rusty. Fairley has a lot of upside, but his size and athleticism may not translate well unless he's in the right scheme.

It's going to be a draft where it's really impossible to judge till we see the product on the field.
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