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Default Marcell Dareus, Von Miller, Patrick Peterson

These are the guys I like for the Broncos. They are the true elite players in this draft along with A.J. Green. All 3 of these guys are elite in that I think they will be impact playmakers at all 3 levels of the defense respectively. Players that you can build your defense around. The Broncos NEED playmakers, particularly on defense. Let's start with my favorite guy:

Marcell Dareus is a monster. He's great against the run, he's good at rushing the QB, he can occupy blockers, he can do everything you want from a DT. One of the other great things about Dareus is because of his great versatility, we can run different schemes and change our look on defense throughout a game. He can NT or 3-tech DE in a 4-3 and he can also play 5-tech DE in a 3-4 and even NT in a 3-4. We can move him all over the line. He can make plays at every one of those roles. He is such a great football player.

Von Miller is a beast and would really bring playmaking and leadership to the 2nd level of this defense. His greatest strength is pass rushing ability. Even though I think he could be great at either OLB spots in a 4-3, if we draft him we would be smart to play a hybrid to give him more blitzing opportunities at 3-4 OLB. My favorite thing about Von Miller is he seems to make those around him better. We haven't had that in a linebacker since Al Wilson.

Patrick Peterson is a freak and I don't care if you play him at CB, FS, or SS he would be a playmaker and difference make on defense. To me he is a CB but could be just as great at safety. If we chose to make him a safety I really believe he has the talent to be as good as Ed Reed. If we play him at corner he has the athletic ability of a Cromartie but he has more discipline, better character and is much better at catching the football. Dennis Allen likes DB's that make plays on the ball. He has too much speed to be a safety. Maybe we can move him to that position at the end of his career when he starts to lose that speed, but to play him at safety now would be foolish. He doesn't fit Fox zone-heavy scheme? Even more foolish. This is John Fox people, not Josh McDaniels. He knows that players make plays, he's not going to try to pigeon-hole players to fit his scheme. He's a player's coach and gets the most out of them. To say that he can't play zone is dumb to me as well. He has great instincts and closes on the football with the best of them. When he gets to the football he catches it and takes it the other way. With Champ on the other side QBs will be throwing is at him frequently. Will he give up some big plays and make mistakes? Of course, he's a rookie! But he would make far more plays than he gives up. If you want to see takeaways, how could you not like a Champ/Peterson tandem? When Champ moves to safety he will be ready to be a shutdown corner in his own right.

I look at these three guys and I WISH we could have all three! Unfortunately we can't, but could we get two of them? Yes We Can. With how many teams are in need of a QB I think it is safe to assume at least 1 QB will go in the top 5.
1. Carolina - DaQuan Bowers - I think he is the favorite to go here. Ron Rivera will want his great pass rushing ability. Nick Fairley also makes a lot of sense. Gabbert is a darkhorse.
2. Trade to Cincinnatti - Blaine Gabbert. They need Palmer's replacement and will move up in front of Buffalo to get the #1 QB. Broncos gain the 35th pick and a 2012 3rd rd pick.
3. Buffalo - Cam Newton. I just don't see Chan Gailey passing on this guy. Dareus could really go here as well though.
4. Denver is on the clock. We can't decide which of these 3 guys to take. We call Cleveland, offer 3 2nds for #6 and they jump. Holmgren can rebuild his new 4-3 defense with 4 2nd round picks. The Broncos see Von Miller being taken at #5 so we take him here.
5. Cardinals - Richard Quinn. They really wanted Von Miller here but are more than happy to end up with Quinn.
6. Denver - Marcel Dareus - We end up with our top 2 guys in the draft. We gained an extra 2nd to move down to 4, then flip that with our original 2nds to jump all the way up to 6. So we basically only gave up 36 and 46 to get Dareus here.

This scenario could actually happen even if both neither QB go top 5. 1 will certainly go top 5 tho. Then if Fairley or one of these 3 guys go top 5 we could still end up with two of them at 4 and 6.

This is an unorthodox move but would transform the future of this defense and both of these guys could make an immediate impact. We still have #67 plus we gained an extra day 2 pick in 2012.
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