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Howard Griffith

Originally Posted by crawdad View Post
Thanks Leo! Hope you had a great weekend! Chica, it sounds like you guys had a great one! Have a good week to all!
It was great saturday (went ridin on the scooter and took the wife out to lunch), but Sunday sucked balls. Lisa and I were doing a sorta "spring cleaning in the Kitchen (behind and under appliances, tops of cabinets and such). When we were just about finished I asked Lisa to dump the cleaning bucket in the toilet. She heads off and I hear this "oh ****" coming from the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and found out that when she dumped it there was still a cleaning rag in the bucket. Well, as most people know when you add enough water to a toilet, it flushes itself without having to pull the handle. The frigging rag went down the toilet and clogged the main sewer stack. I spent over 4 hours taking the toilet out, snaking the stack and then eventually having to replace a cleanout tee which was rusted shut.

Fun friggin day!
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