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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
No, I just have a problem with people that sneer at anything that is not the staus quo, as if no new idea is totally worthless.

Take a look at this quote - "I was impressed when I thought they had accomplished something, rolled my eyes when I realized it was just an electric car attached to a windmill and driven further than anyone else had driven."

So some guy put two ideas together and it was "driven further than anyone else had driven". That is nothing to sneer at.
Forest Gump ran really far. I could, theoretically, ride my kid's powerwheel until it wouldn't go any further.

I expected scientific advancement rather than durability. This is about on par with someone setting a Guinness world record for jumping on a pogo stick. There was nothing new developed, he just did it longer than anyone else.

I guess the incorporation of the kite seperates it just a smidgeon but hopefully the people knew that wouldn't be taken seriously when they incorporated it.
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