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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
I enjoy creative minds, even if they're maybe a little bit way out there. Many of those "way out there" ideas have come to fruition.

Then you have guys like Kaylore and you that think any new idea is
Well on first thought, because I thought they were using the additional windspeed to overcome the heat lost, I thought they were using the mast when actually driving to suggest that it could be powered sufficiently while operating. Even if impractical, the fact that the car could be powered and produce more energy than was necessary to drive it would be substantial. That was where I thought they had actually discovered something and I was impressed.

Once someone pointed out that in reality it's just an electric car that comes with it's own windmill, there is no novelty to it and no advancement made. Imagine if I made a similar announcement that I made a car that would go 10 miles on a single mL of gas only for you to later find out I started my 10 miles on the very peak of a mountain and rolled downhill the same time. That was basically my transition from reading this to the end. I was impressed when I thought they had accomplished something, rolled my eyes when I realized it was just an electric car attached to a windmill and driven further than anyone else had driven.

Am I missing any actual advancement here?
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