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Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
Is there a Mel Gibson movie coming from this? And, did they run over any Jews?

Kidding aside, it's always cool to see inventions, see creative minds at work.

It's very interesting to see the creativity that comes out of necessity, RE the amount of alternative energy sources people have come up with lately from wind energy, solar, wave, tidal.

It's called progress.
People keep taking my inventions but I've had some good ones.

One I just discovered was stolen the other day was a washer/dryer that was the same machine. It washes your clothes and then dries them and you don't have to move them. Built for lazy people. I saw it on one of them home buying shows the other day.

My green energy idea though is a gatrillion water wheels in our gutter runoff thingies. Have you ever heard how fast that crap runs off your roof? Especially considering it would be a great backup when that terrible weather knocks out your lights.

I'm top notch. I expect to be a millionaire someday. I figure I'll post it here so when someone creates it, I can accuse them of browsing the Mane and cash in.
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