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Originally Posted by Jetmeck View Post
Stupid ? Maybe but we need stupid people like this trying new things till one of these so called STUPID people has that Eureka moment and we can all give the middle east, big oil companies and my favorite....stock market speculators who are really ****ing us right now the big high hard one....F... you a-holes !!!
While it is cool that they're trying new things, the comments by others have pointed out the uselessness of this particular concept. If the turbine were a product of a more efficient machine or something, yeah that technology could convert over.

The current concept for powering it is about as practical as lasso'ing a pterodactyl and having it tow you around in the grand scheme of things. Innovation and experimentation are awesome but why even power the thing with a freaking kite? What good could it possibly contribute to say, "look at this completely impractical means by which we power this vehicle!"?
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