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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Yeah the tangling kites image was actually the first thing I thought of. And having to plug your car into a big windmill is really stupid. I guess if you house on the Utah salt flats it's a sound investment.
Well where I'm getting caught is I thought it was goofy to be driving around with a huge mast sticking out of your car but thought the car was as much conceptual and showing that it could be done than truly practical. If the mast can't be used during driving and you'd be stopped anyways, why not plug it into the grid and just move on? If need be, affix the turbine to your house for constant power, use the grid power to power the car, and you'd make it out ahead overall. I think they should focus on making a practical car for city driving and leave these silly gadgets to once the car itself has been figured out.
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