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Originally Posted by epicSocialism4tw View Post
What if Andrew Luck and Patrick Peterson were combined?

Patrick Luck....the most hyped prospect in orangemane history.

A QB/CB hybrid capable of destroying both the opposing offense and the opposing defense on his own. He runs a 2.1 40 (thats his high time...the lower time was thrown out because it was deemed physically impossible...a -1.2 40-yard dash). Weighs 655 lbs of pure steel. He's all of 7'8". Has an arm that throws 252 mph. He has never thrown a pick, but has picked off every pass thrown by an opposing QB...even if its across the field.

He played college ball for MIT...they put in a football program just for him. It was him and a bunch of engineering and neuroscience nerds and they went undefeated against every team in the Big 12 and SEC before shellacking Oklahoma 365-0 in the BCS title game. He won 4 straight Heismans...maintaining a 4.0 at MIT over the course of his degree, which he finished in a year. The subsequent 3 years were spent doing research on neural image mapping and synaptic plasticity, where he completed a PhD (his thesis won the Nobel Prize), finished 5 post-doc specialties, and established an entire research wing funded by a set of investments that he set up that compound yearly at 642%.

Tecmo Bo Jackson on Patrick Luck, "Pat knows mo than Bo."
You must be forgetting the time he picked off his own pass. (yes, it really is possible) He was going for the elusive football tripple double, which up until that point in time, was nothing but forklore.
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