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Originally Posted by footstepsfrom#27 View Post
At 237 lbs? I don't think he's anything but a weak side backer at that size.
"We want to be that fast, disruptive group," Xanders said.

Denver's defensive front will be smaller and quicker overall, especially at end and linebacker. Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers, at 245 and 274 pounds respectively, would play the right and left end positions.

The Broncos also want smaller, quicker linebackers. When Ayers, Mario Haggan, D.J. Williams and Wesley Woodyard started the 2010 season finale at linebacker, Denver had three linebackers who weighed at least 240 pounds and two were more than 260.

In the 2010 season finale for Fox's Panthers, they didn't start a linebacker weighing more than 237 pounds.

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